Nutricia Bolshevik Alcan Harrys Lactalis Michelin Renault Danone Nexans Isover Onduline Barry Callebaut 
    Sobinka, Vladimir region, 15 000 m2
  • Steam Production (SURI VAPOR boiler): 1 t/h at 8 bar
  • Heating Hot Water Production (REMEKS ENERGO boilers): 2 x 5 MW variable temperature for heating
  • Sanitary and Technological Hot Water Production (CIAT heat exchangers): 2 x 2,5 m3 storage capacity
  • Chilled Water Production (TRANE chillers): 2 x 1 MW at 5°C/10°C, with 900 kW free cooling in winter
  • Compressed Air Production (CECATTO air compressors): 2 x 500 m3/h at 8 bar
  • Light Oil Fuel Supply system: semi-underground storage, 2 x 15 m3
  • Fluids Distribution: 12 km black and stainless steel
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning: Air Heating Units, Exhaust Fans, Fan Coil Units, Heating Units
  • Pouring Water Cooling for press (CIAT heat exchangers)
  • Freezer Room (RIVA COLD)
Compressed Air Production
Steam Production
Chilled Water Production
Fluid Distribution
Hot Water Production
Light Oil Fuel storage
Nutricia Bolshevik Alcan Harrys Lactalis Michelin Renault Danone Nexans Isover Onduline Barry Callebaut 

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