Nutricia Bolshevik Alcan Harrys Lactalis Michelin Renault Danone Nexans Isover Onduline Barry Callebaut 
    South Moscow Region, Utilities installation
  • Chimneys 2 x 30 m and Civil Works for utilities building extension
  • Steam Production (two boilers STEIN with burners WEISHAUPT) 6 & 10 t/h at 6 bar
  • Sanitary, Technological and Heating Hot Water Production
  • Compressed Air Production (three compressors ATLAS COPCO) 3 x 1750 m3/h at 7,5 bar
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Chilled Water Production (two ammonia chillers YORK) 2 x 4,8 MW at -7°C/+4°C
  • Free Cooling System (one dry cooler CIAT) 1800 kW
  • Sanitary Cold Water Production, 240 m3/h, including fi ltration and water storage tank 45 m3
  • Fluids Distribution
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • High Voltage Supply (transformer 2500 kVA and Main Distribution Panel)
  • Lighting and Power Outlets
  • Grounding
  • Fire Detection
  • Ammonia Detection
  • Lightning Protection
Chimney and Civil Works
Steam Production
Compressed Air Production
Ammonia Chiller
Free Cooling System
Sanitary Cold Water Production
Waste Water Treatment Plant
High Voltage Supply
Nutricia Bolshevik Alcan Harrys Lactalis Michelin Renault Danone Nexans Isover Onduline Barry Callebaut 

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