Nutricia Bolshevik Alcan Harrys Lactalis Michelin Renault Danone Nexans Isover Onduline Barry Callebaut 
    East Moscow region, 60 000 m2
  • Steam Production (two boilers ALSTOM with dual system burners WEISHAUPT), 2 x 8 t/h at 21bar, including steam pressures control stations (18-15, 18-4 bar), chimney, natural gas supply (reduction and metering station)
  • Boiler Feeding water (softening, demineralization & deaeration)
  • Condensate recovery
  • Hydraulic Water Production (two pumps GRUNDFOS)
  • Fluids Distribution and connection to users
  • Light Oil Fuel Supply system, including two storage tanks, 2 x 30 m3
  • Compressed Air Production (three compressors ATLAS COPCO)
  • Dry Compressed Air Production (two air driers ATLAS COPCO), 2 x 520 m3/h
  • Vacuum Production
  • Process Oil Storage, including two 30 m3 tanks with electrical heating
  • Dedusting System, including vacuum cleaning (five filters DELTA NEU)
  • Cooling Water Production (six cooling towers EVAPCO)
  • Heating Hot Water Production, including decoupling tank
  • Fire fighting system, including pumping station (two diesel pumps) and water/foam sprinkler system.
  • Smoke exhaust
  • Six High Voltage substations with twelve ALSTOM transformers 10 kV/400 V
  • Low voltage Distribution (twenty four Main Distribution Panel ALSTOM)
Steam Production
Water Softening and Deaeration
Hydraulic Water Production
Fluids Distribution
Light Oil Fuel
Compressed Air Production
Vacuum Production
Process Oil Storage
Dedusting System
Cooling Tower Water Production
Heating Hot Water Production
Fire Fighting - Sprinkler System
Fire Fighting - Pumping Station
Smoke Exhaust
Nutricia Bolshevik Alcan Harrys Lactalis Michelin Renault Danone Nexans Isover Onduline Barry Callebaut 

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